Jesus Cervantes


Jesus Cervantes, P.E. is currently a Transportation Engineer with TxDOT and has been working there since May 2014. He started in Roadway Design and is now in the Department of Maintenance. His design projects were all around the Houston District and ranged from Landscape Development to full Freeway Reconstruction and now he deals with maintaining the roadways across the Houston District, this ranges from severe weather events, routine to emergency maintenance, and managing programs like the district’s 4 year pavement management plan. He has been involved with YPT since fall 2014. This is his second year as the Vice Chair for Administration. He graduated from Texas A&M University in May 2014 with a degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Transportation. He is a licensed Civil Engineer and obtained his licensure in July 2018.   He has enjoyed the networking and awesome people he has met while being a member of YPT. He hopes he can help solve transportation problems and provide insight from the public side of transportation.