Boyang Zhang

Portrait_Boyang Zhang

Name: Boyang Zhang

YPT Role: As Chair, I lead YPT Houston Chapter, oversee all chapter matters, and support all other board members.

Why you joined YPT? I first joined YPT in 2012 when I was still at school, and just like most people, honestly, I joined to find job opportunities. However, after several years into my career, I began to discover a strong desire to connect to my community and a strong passion to organize events for more people to get together and enjoy our YPT family. That was when I decided to step up as Program Director in 2018, and now as the Chair.

Bio: Boyang Zhang is currently working as a Transportation Planner at CDM Smith, who joined the YPT board as Vice Chair for Programs in 2018. Boyang has been involved with YPT since 2012, from Los Angeles Chapter to Houston Chapter, and has been working in the Transportation Planning & Engineering industry since 2013. After graduating from the University of Southern California with his master’s degree in planning, he worked for both public agencies and private consultancy for the past years. He has experience in both planning and engineering projects, with his current focus on Travel Demand Modeling.

Fun Facts:

  • I learned longboarding during the COVID and have been loving it ever since! (Even pulled all my friends into this hobby LOL)
  • Love all board sports (surfing, snowboarding, longboarding), football, mountain biking.
  • Love music! Enjoying jamming with others, piano and bass are my weapons of choice.
  • I was born with one extra bone in my right ankle (and I just knew about this last year…)

LinkedIn: Boyang Zhang, AICP | LinkedIn