Wu Ying

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Name: Wu Ying

YPT Role: As YPT Director of Programs, I plan, develop and implement educational and social events and programs for the young members of the organization.

Why you joined YPT?: Because I believe YPT is a fantastic platform for a young professional to grow.

Bio: Wu Ying is currently working at AECOM as a transportation planner and engineer. He graduated from Texas Southern University with a master’s degree in transportation planning and management. He has work in both the public and private sectors and enjoyed all kinds of planning and transportation projects. Although it is his first year involved in the board, it is his fourth year of being a member.

Fun Facts:

  • I am a transportation professional with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.
  • I like running with my dog and sleeping in on rainy days.

LinkedIn: Wu Ying AICP, EIT | LinkedIn

Contact: Programs@YPTHouston.org