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Young Professionals in Transportation – Houston (YPT) is a new effort to connect young transportation professionals in the Greater Houston area together.  Initially started in DC, YPT has morphed as a means to help grow the next generation of transportation professionals through regular leadership seminars, networking happy hours and business meetings.

The Young Professionals in Transportation – Houston Chapter is open and welcome to transportation engineers, urban planners, transportation energy/infrastructure professionals, and port/maritime professionals in the Greater Houston area.

  • Professional development:  Regular series of seminars from leading individuals or teams in the transportation field.
  • Fellowship: Ongoing forum for mutual support and interaction between young transportation professionals, especially for those starting their careers.
  • Networking: Networking opportunities and seminars to help young professionals advance their careers and share innovative ideas.

YPT Houston’s website contains offers access to all chapter documents including board member directory, meeting minutes, and chapter bylaws.  Information on upcoming events and previous events is also available.  Members also have access to YPT informational flyers and print media found in the resources page.  We also hosts a weekly blog which you can view here.  

Please email us at ypthouston@gmail.com to connect with us or find out more information! You can also receive information regarding YPT Houston activities by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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