Coming Soon – Houston Transportation Series

Welcome back!

Over the course of several years Houston has grown significantly and with that the demand for better infrastructure and safer roads.   Arising to meet these demands are many of YPT Houston’s own members and sponsors which has inspired us to launch the “Houston Transportation Series.”

Beginning February 2014 this series will be featured in our blog and contain one monthly article related to a chosen topic of transportation.  These articles will highlight members, projects and information on current efforts dedicated to the continued advancement of transportation within Houston.

It is YPT Houston’s hope that these series of articles will also provide a better understanding of each others efforts and help paint the overall picture of transportation here in Houston.  A picture which contains a vast network of innovative individuals dedicated to tackling the enormity of transportation within our region.

Stay tuned for more information or subscribe to our blog by clicking the “Follow” button to your left!  We are always open to ideas, suggestions or articles you feel should be featured so please send them to




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