YPT Houston and COMTO hosts Discussion on Regional Plan

On Thursday, January 30th YPT Houston and the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) hosted guest speaker Jeff Taebel from H-GAC to discuss the “Our Great Region 2040” initiative.     This plan aims to make the entirety of the H-GAC region “one of the worlds greatest to live, work and succeed”.    This initiative focuses on 6 grand ideas including economic development, environment, healthy communities, housing, transportation and resiliency.

Jeff Taebel, Director of Community and Environmental Planning, highlighted the six main goals for transportation within the region which including: improved efficiency of freight movement, optimization of existing transportation, creation of a regional framework, and improved transit access.

In his advice to young professionals, Jeff Taebel notes that one of the most important skill sets we should seek to obtain is communication which means being able to “really have your ears open and work with people who may not have the vocabulary to tell you what they want.”

To read more on Our Great Region 2040 efforts visit www.ourregion.org.  To check out more event pictures visit our Previous Events page.

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