New study released: Who is the real problem on the road?

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute recently released a study, Understanding and Addressing Distracted Driving in Texas: A report to USAA, whose findings suggested that drivers who were guilty of bad driving behaviors such as speeding, texting, driving through red lights, talking on the cell phone and drunk driving, mostly felt that other drivers were the cause of problems on the road.

Katie Womack, project director for the research, said studies like this one help researchers understand what steps need to be taken to address transportation safety issues.

“With more than 3,000 crashes in Texas a year in which cell/mobile phone use is a contributing factor, the study of attitudes and behaviors related to this issue is important work,” Womack said. “The bottom line is we need more study and meaningful data to guide efforts toward reducing these crashes.”

To read the entire release please click here:  TTI News Release.

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