Mobility for Sustainable Development & LEED Certification Seminar May 13th – Free Tickets

ACT is hosting a seminar on Mobility for Sustainable Development: A look at Transportation for LEED Certification on May 13 at Central Houston, Inc., 7:30-10:00 AM.  Learn more and register at  The goal of this session is to make developers and property owners aware of the role transportation demand management can play in capturing LEED certification points.  Speakers include:

Justin Schor, Wells+Associates, who specializes in working with developers to implement TDM elements as part of their sustainable developments.

Fred Merrill, Sasaki Associates, the lead planner responsible for a new update to Energy Corridor District’s master plan, which includes a number of TDM elements.

David Leininger, DART, is CFO of a transit agency that works with developers and communities in their expanded service area to meet transportation needs through coordination of mass transit, shared-ride options and real-time transportation information for use by travelers.

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