Providing Insight on Regional Transportation Needs to Mayor Turner

Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT) provides professional development, fellowship, and networking opportunities across the country and around the world for young professionals in transportation fields.

Listed below are the YPT Houston Chapter’s recommended focus areas for the City of Houston:

  • Offer Houstonians innovative demand management strategies by encouraging/requiring trip reduction techniques such as flextime, compressed work weeks, and telecommuting; pricing strategies such as pay-to-drive-off-peak or parking management; and active demand management approaches, which use information and technology to dynamically manage demand. Examples of active demand management strategies can be found here.
  • Give Houstonians more travel options and accommodate regional population growth by expanding light rail and building commuter rail.
  • Stay actively engaged in autonomous and connected vehicle research to both understand the urban planning implications and to position Houston to improve congestion, roadway safety, regional mobility, and first/last mile connections.
  • Provide Houstonians complete sidewalk systems throughout the city and use complete streets around concentrated hubs. This approach will remove barriers in the pedestrian environment, thereby enhancing freedom and mobility for all, especially for people with disabilities.
  • Encourage Houstonians to live closer to where they work by bolstering other (non-transportation) elements such as neighborhood amenities and infrastructure quality (including city beautification).
  • Wherever possible, support an “open data” approach. Open data is the idea that some data should be open for public use. This encourages accountability and transparency in public agencies and breeds innovation in the transportation sector.
  • Utilize best practices to address congestion, finance transportation, and engage the public. The strategies presented here have been developed by recognized subject matter experts.

Young Professionals in Transportation Houston Chapter | 701 North Post Oak Rd. Suite 430   Houston, TX 77024 |  281-787-2002 |

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