A Conversation with Houston B-Cycle Director Will Rub

This week I had the opportunity to have a short conversation with Will Rub, Director of Houston B-Cycle. Here’s an excerpt of that conversation.

NN:Thank you for taking the time to discuss the Houston B-Cycle program with me.
WR: “You’re welcome.”

NN: The Houston B-Cycle program opened in 2012. How is this program changing the nature of how Houstonians are getting around town and thinking about alternative forms of transportation?
WR: “I think it’s starting to have a huge impact, especially in areas near downtown and Midtown. Just a few years ago, there weren’t many options for alternatives to passenger vehicle travel. Now, we have 29 stations and experiencing a steady increase in daily bike checkouts. It’s exciting to see such interest in this program. Also, we’re starting to see an increase in commuters, especially traveling from Midtown to downtown in the mornings and back in the evenings. The commuting market is a core component to our bike share model, and we intend to grow that in the future. Furthermore, I think young professionals moving in from other parts of the country such as DC, New York, and Boston are familiar with the bike share concept and know how to use it. So yes, I think this program is contributing to a shift in perspective in Houston.”

NN:What are some ways young professionals can get involved in B-Cycle?
WR:”We will be in major need for volunteers to conduct surveys. This will be important as we continue to seek out funding for the future.”

NN: For the benefit of our members, how do you find out more information on B-Cycle?
WR:”Great question. You can find more information on checking out a bike, locating a station, and more by visiting our website at https://houston.bcycle.com

NN: Thank you for your time!

WR: “No problem, anytime!”

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