YPT Houston and Kimley-Horn discuss Houston’s Pending Transportation Crisis

Houston’s Pending Transportation Crisis, a presentation by J. Sam Lott of Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

The Houston Region is facing congestion on our roadways in the coming years that will be on a scale like that of Los Angeles, and travel to, from and within the Urban Core will become increasing difficult and time consuming. At the same time our railroad network is experiencing record demands for moving freight through the regional rail network, and the accommodation of passenger rail services seems impossible to consider. Mr. Lott’s presentation examined the nature of the growing congestion and the long term implications for travel within the region. In particular, the discussion examined the subject of transporting people from the edges of the region where a majority of the growing population will live to reach the largest concentration of employment centers that are located within the Urban Core.

Mr. Lott’s presentation described several key missing elements within the regional transportation plan which – if implemented – he suggests would provide the lowest cost and most easily accomplished near/medium term solutions for transporting of large quantities of people with high capacity mass transit. The missing elements include 1. High capacity freight rail corridor system, 2. Regional commuter rail system using the existing rail network, and 3. Automated aerial circulator systems to connect large passenger rail stations to the urban districts.

The presentation concluded with the recommendation of specific actions that local leaders should undertake to address these missing elements, which in turn will help mitigate the travel impacts of the pending transportation crisis.

Thank you to all 20 YPT Houston members and friends for join us and a special thank you to Mr. Lott for this excellent presentation!


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